What does Oana say about weird beauty treatments?

Ladies, almost all of us want to look younger with beautiful, radiant skin. Nowadays we have access to information about a plethora of skin care products and ingredients like bee venom, snails, poop bird… you’ve probably heard about facials named “Penis facial”, and “Bird poop facial”. Some estheticians claim “the bird doo-doo make my clients feel refreshed”. I learned that bird droppings were a good option to remove makeup in 17th century Japan but we live in the 21st century! The bird poop mask might help with exfoliation but I prefer to use and recommend only science-based products. The serum used during the “penis facial” might make the skin look better because it contains epidermal growth factor produced by fibroblasts taken from the discarded foreskins of circumcised Korean boys. But the famous NY esthetician who incorporates this serum during her treatment also uses a lot of machines and lifting massage techniques.

My dear customers and friends, dehydrated bird poop, gold, or snails will not do miracles for your skin. Only a daily skin care regimen, healthy eating habits, exercise, and sleep will improve your natural glow, but we will continue to age regardless. Speaking as a biologist, please have realistic expectations about all the serums, oils, and creams available in stores or online and don’t rush to buy any skin care product before you do your own research. As an esthetician, my wish for you is to be pampered as often as you can because you deserve it. And my last piece of advice? Embrace life!

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